Tech specs



Axis positioning motors

Positioning feed for 2D movement in the plane (xy-axis)

Entry model: 1 500 mm/min

High speed: 19 000 mm/min

Positioning feed for vertical (z-axis) movement

Entry model: 750 mm/min

High speed: 9 500 mm/min


Horizontal structure

Structure made of steel with protective painting ready to withstand 550ºC while avoiding corrosion with anti-static properties.



Entry model: 750W @ 18 000 RPM, ER25 collet

High speed: 2 200W  @ 24 000 RPM, ER25 collet


Control and power electronics

Allows the user to fully interact with the machine and its prime movers (spindle and positioning motors). The machine is delivered with a monitor, panel, and full access to the electronics through machine interface.


Machine dimensions


The machine may be delivered without the chassis, which makes the machine smaller. However, it is not desired when the customer has not a suitable environment to house the machine.



Working volume

The traverse path of the machine is contained in the volume of 200 mm x 450 mm x 450 mm.